I am a warm, engaging therapist who works in a collaborative and straightforward manner.

While my therapeutic orientation is predominately psychodynamic psychotherapy – humanistic, existential and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy also inform my thinking and way of working. Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a process of exploration and discovery which seeks to link our experience of suffering in the present with speaking about the particular life history that has shaped our understanding of ourselves and our relationships with others from early in our lives.

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is not only a therapeutic treatment aimed at the alleviation of personal suffering, and emotional or mental distress. It also offers a unique opportunity for individuals to get to know who they are in the modern world, where everything can seem uncertain. It is a space to explore those aspects of ourselves and the mind which we usually push aside and filter out in our everyday lives, but which if given a central focus can be seen to influence our moods and thinking, our stance in the world and relationships with others.



What can be particularly worrisome is not knowing why you are experiencing anxiety. On your own it can be difficult to pinpoint the underlying triggers of your anxiety despite the overwhelming nature of the feelings. I will assist you become more self-aware and to explore the deeper significance and meaning behind your anxiety. Throughout the process, you will acquire useful tools that will help you manage your anxiety allowing you to feel more in control of your life.


The term depression is used when a person lacks energy, hope and ability to create a fulfilling life. Symptoms range from overwhelming to subtle, for instance, from being bedridden to just getting up tired in the morning, from crying all the time to a lack of enjoyment, or from an inability to have any relationship or work at all to subtle self-sabotage before achieving a desired goal. Psychotherapy will help you work through the emotions and thoughts, as well as encouraging thinking about what may be contributing to the depression. Therapy focuses on helping you create a more solid path for the rest of your life.


In couple counselling I help you explore your relationship. This means looking both at the individual and the way you relate. By improving insight and empathy and gaining better communication skills and a healthy ability to express your emotions and needs, poor relationships can be transformed into healthy ones.


The work environment can be challenging! Issues at work can become overwhelming and affect your self-esteem, emotional and physical wellbeing and relationships. I will help you effectively resolve work issues, by gaining insight into the causes and will work with you to find a way to improve your engagement and satisfaction in your work life. I draw on my training and experience as a psychodynamic psychotherapist and knowledge of human resource management.

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