Relationships are an essential part of our lives, from family and friends to partners and spouses.

Difficulties in relationships are one of the most common causes of unhappiness and motivations to couples seeking professional help. Relationships rarely die overnight. Almost always, the destruction of a couple happens little by little, over time. Your relationship may be in trouble if you are experiencing:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Diminished sexual desire and activity level
  • Replaying old arguments and resurrecting old hurts
  • Resentment and contempt have replaced patience and love
  • One or both of you are having an affair
  • Commitment difficulties
  • Repeating destructive relationship patterns

I view couples counselling as a collaborative process. I am involved in the session at all times and will honestly communicate to you what I see, feel and think. My office becomes a safe space and a place where we can explore different styles, interventions and techniques. These can be used to change hurtful and destructive patterns in the relationship and create a stronger, more open and meaningful connection.

For couple therapy to be effective, it’s important that you are able to commit to the work, have an ability to be open when looking at what you bring into the relationship (both positive and negative) and a commitment to altering your own ineffectual behaviours.

Healthy communication is a key ingredient of a successful relationship, and successful couples know how to communicate in a way that can actually improve their relationship. Through couples therapy I will help you to understand the way in which you presently communicate, and then offer you new skills and solutions to improve ways to talk to each other.

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