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Deb Dana: How the nervous system affects our daily life

Serge Prengel, editor of the Active Pause® project, interviews Deb Dana. Deb is the Coordinator of the Traumatic Stress Research Consortium in the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University and the developer of the Rhythm of Regulation clinical training series. She is trained in Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. A delightful and wonderfully informative 20 minute interview with Deb Dana.

Mindfulness Practice

Mindfulness helps us to connect with a deeper sense of who we really are and experience abiding and long-lasting inner peace. Mindfulness is a state of relaxed and alert attention of the present moment. It involves focusing just on what’s happening now. Deep mindfulness is an altered state of consciousness in which everything slows right down, allowing a heightened awareness of the present moment. In contrast, when we are in …

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Suppression of Emotion

The ability to suppress emotions and thoughts varies considerably from one individual to another (Werman, 1983). Suppression has been defined by Werman as the, “volitional elimination or diminution from consciousness, by any means, of undesirable thoughts, feelings, or bodily sensations” (p. 413). The study of thought suppression has grown into a significant area of scientific inquiry. What has compelled the interest of the scientific community is the realisation that “suppression …

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